Friday, July 8, 2011

Living Alone is like Pringles...

Once you pop you just won't stop.
Living Alone, the newest tasty snack.  Or as I like to call it,
"Ridin' Solo".  I'm not going to lie... I've always wondered
what I'd look like with the Pringles-man's crazy moustache.
Or... at least you won't want to.

I like to think that I typically live well with others (sans my slob-ness).  I was one of those lucky brats that moved to college and had a first-year roomie that rocked my socks/ later became one of my best friends.  In fact, when I first moved to BG, I was relatively lonely (especially in the beginning) after four years of roommate living.

But then I got used to it.  "It" being living alone.  And now, living with a roommate, I find, is really difficult.  You find that you get used to a routine.  Or you at least get used to not having to consider other people.  But actually... it's not the considering other people part that I struggle with so much... it's the other people, who are also used to living alone, not considering me.

Don't get me wrong... I do miss walking around in various states of undress whenever I choose  (Oh please.  We all do it.)  And I'm sure not all roommate living is the experience that I am currently having.  And realistically, it's not even that bad.  No one has been pistol-whipped with a hair straightener (...yet).  I think that I have just been spoiled with great roommate living before this.

And as much as I like my roommate, it is undeniable that my one-person,  still messy expanse of an apartment calls to me from across the country.

I hear you, apartment.  I hear you.

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  1. It's waiting for you. Oh, and I'm waiting too. With your car. And alligator. Please come home. kthanksbye.