Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'll put a flower in your hair...

I've never been a huge flower person.
As in... I really don't know anything about flowers.
Or their names.
Which is unfortunate if someone asks you, "Ooh!  What's your favorite flower?"  because you either must say, "er... the.. pretty one?" or something generic, like, "oh.. you know... roses."
But... I've always found them so beautiful.  Recently, while in California, I walked into Trader Joe's (love this store.), and saw the most beautiful flowers for sale.

They turned out to be peonies (a bouquet for 5 dollars!), which... three weeks later, I still regret not buying. haha  And now, I'm obsessed with peonies.  They are just so big and fluffy and delicious (visually, not actually).

Apparently, they are also the number 5 most popular flower used at weddings.  I'm not a real girl, nor do I ever go to weddings, so I would have no idea about this.

But anyway.  Recent fascination.  Thought I'd share.  (Buy me peonies.)


...No?  Not subtle enough for subliminal messaging?  Rats.

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