Friday, July 1, 2011

"Working" on a Friday afternoon...

I feel as though I have been abnormally sluggish in my work ethic lately.  Or... really more.. slothish.
Like this:
Now.  You  may be asking, "Why does this sloth look vaguely homeless and live in a box inside of a dumpster?"
That's a good question.  I asked myself that same thing.  I'm not sure.  Yet.  This still seems to be appropriate to how I'm feeling right now.  haha.  Because, he somehow still looks generally content, right?  If not a little sleepy/ stoned.  And while, I must iterate for my own credibility, I am not stoned, my brain feels a little mushy today.

Note to self:  Stop drinking caffeine after 9 PM.  You will not sleep.  And then your brain will be mush.  And then you will over-compensate by drinking too much Diet Coke the next day.  And then your brain will be mush.  On CRACK.  Which explains why this blog is making no sense.

But while we're talking about sloths (and crack?) ... Aren't sloths CUTE?
I mean... just look at this little fur-nugget!

Which also led me to THIS discovery.:
Clearly.  I really want this necklace now.  When would I wear it?  Always.  Really?  No.

They have other adorable necklaces as well... like monkies, kiwi birds, and anteaters.  I'll go ahead and plug for them here.

Okay.  Now that I have inundated you with... nothingness.  I will stop.
End scene.

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