Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Blog (and approximately 3 readers...)

I am sorry I have abandoned you.
I wish I could write something informative or insightful.
But I am tired.
So.  Must know things for you.

1.) I have officially returned to Ohio.
2.) I'm in training.
3.) I got a trim and have officially decided to grow my hair long again.
4.) I am currently using WeightWatchers.  It is an interesting journey that we can discuss at a later date.
5.) I am feeling very insecure about everything in my life
     5a) I know that sounds dramatic, but I'm sure it'll be okay.
6.) Tyler Rogols is now at BG with me.
7.) I bought a VERY pretty green bra today.  I don't feel this way about my bras often.  I guess this might not have been a MUST know, per say... but I felt like sharing.
8.) I'm in the middle of the book One Day and am enjoying it immensely.  I hope I actually finish it before my life dies.
      8a)  Upon re-reading this post, I realized how crazily dramatic that was.  Tired = intense exaggeration?
9.) I am very seriously considering attempting to stage The Last Five Years with my friend Jeremy.
     9a)  Well... maybe not THAT serious.  I'm afeared.
10.) I miss you all.  Every single one of you.  So much. :[