Monday, January 17, 2011

In the beginning...

So, many of you are aware that I have been toying with starting my own blog for a very long time.  Not that this I am a blog-virgin... I had a long-time commitment to Xanga all through high school and sporadically in college, but many of those posts were deeply personal and perhaps a little awkward and tmi...

My decision to start this blog was not a lack of desire to share my thoughts (because we all know that that is never an issue), but hoping my thoughts are funny/ interesting/ not too preachy enough to be worthy of posting in such a public venue.  But... I'm going to do it anyway.
As you're here now.

Obviously, anyone who is so concerned about whether or not the posts will be interesting enough, clearly also angst-ed over the title.  I clearly wanted it to be something that was representative of myself, while not scaring anyone away yet.  I am known for creating my own little phrases, especially by mixing already existing words/ phrases with the syllable, "meow" or "mrow".  (This again, should be no surprise for those that know me...)  I've recently started using the phrase "meowbles", which invokes a mental image of a marble with cat ears, eyes, and a tail that said meowble would use to hold itself steady.
Hold your judgement. lol.

Knowing this, I began searching for phrases with the word "marble" in it, in hopes of switching out the word for "meowble". 
Note:  There are not many phrases with the word "marble(s)" in it...
I came across... "You've lost your marbles", "You don't have all your marbles", etc.  You get the gist.  And while these phrases may or may not be accurate... not so flattering.

Then I found "Mouthful of Marbles", or to speak in a mumbled or unclear manner.  And somehow, I can't help but think that this works out very well for what will become of my blog.  I then opted to not ruin this little magic moment by calling it "Mouthful of Meowbles"... not the same.  Really.  I tried.

Long, rambly, lengthy post later... I will end this blog with a little post that I love.  In hopes that my future posts will not be...Hawkward. :)

p.s.  title of post ([t.o.p.]?) is a reference to Children of Eden, my first musical in college, my first experience with something that would later shape my entire undergraduate experience, and something very near and dear to my heart forever.  Thus, I felt it was appropriate for the  beginning of this experience as well.
sappiness over.


  1. 1.) I got the first comment!
    2.) I made a blog entitled "Hopelessly Devoted to Ju". Obsession.
    3.) You are lovely. I shall enjoy this blog fo-evah!

  2. PS this is kelsey....aka...OTL....aka I dont have my own google account...

  3. haha I love you. and Children of Eden... ;o)
    Kelsey, get a Gmail account. It'll change your LIFE.

  4. oh... I forgot I had one of these....called BroadwayBabra. Well then... 3 guesses to guess who it is. HAHAHA

  5. LOL Kayla... hahahaa
    Who is snuffleupaguses? haha

  6. already awaiting next post.

  7. I'm with K-Savvy. Make it happen, sister. ;)

    Oh yeah . . . and . . . love it! Happy writing!