Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Voice

So... on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012, I did something very impulsive.  It may, in fact, be the most impulsive thing I have done in years.  I decided to audition for the NBC show, The Voice.

I decided a week before.  Exactly seven days.  The week before spring break closing and The Placement Exchange.
Obviously good timing on my part.
For anyone who knows me (which should be you all), y'all know that this is really pretty rash on my part.

But still, though it was exhausting, and I'm now scrambling to get things together, I'm really glad that I did it.

I knew, going into the auditions, that it was highly unlikely that I would move onto the next round, which I think helped me get through the whole process.  And, so, though I did not get through to the next round, it at least was not surprising or terribly soul-crushing.

The auditions took place in Chicago.  I stood in line for roughly 8 hours, arriving at 2:30 PM and leaving at 10:15 PM, with hundreds of people, of all ages, backgrounds, hopes, and vocal styles.  I brought a good friend of mine, who was a good sport, and stood in line with me for 6 of the 8 hours, and stood/ sat by herself in a freezing convention center for the last two hours.  We drove 8 hours in one day, returning to Bowling Green at 4:00 AM.  I owe her a lot.  Maybe a cake.  Or a puppy. or both.

I made a friend... She drove in the morning from Columbus.  We bonded over our mutual amateur status, spontaneous decision making, long drive in, and Columbus-love.  After standing in line together, we ended up being in the same audition group.  Everyone stands in line... we register, then you're split into groups of 10.  The 10 of you audition individually in front of one judge, who determines whether you move onto a callback a day or two after.

I met so many interesting people.  There was a man, singing country, in his 30's, who had auditioned for American Idol 6 times, X Factor once, and America's Got Talent at least once, without ever making beyond the first round.  There was a woman, probably around my age, with purple hair, a cowboy hat, and who had recently won a 1,000 dollar karaoke tournament with a Melissa Etheridge song.  I met an incredibly impressive woman who was making her living off of being a jazz singer, but was auditioning with "Il Mio Caro", one of the most beautiful classical pieces ever written.
In my group, we had three middle-aged men, a slightly older than middle-aged woman, a seventeen year old girl, and five "my aged" or 20's-early 30's.  Out of this group, I would say (and I say this with kindness and acknowledging that everyone has different preferences), there were three people who weren't so good.  Four that were good, but not amazing.  Me (I... don't feel comfortable ranking myself... haha).  And a man that was really incredible.  I really thought that he would be passed through to the next round.  However, he didn't have a second piece prepared, and I think that hurt his chances.  None of us in my group made it to callbacks.

While we were all singing, with the exception of the one incredible man, the judge stared at her laptop the entire time, or was making marks in her notebook.  When I sang, she looked up and watched for a few seconds, almost as though she was considering me briefly.  She did not ask me for a second piece though.  I wonder what she was looking for, considering how incredible that man was who she ended up not passing through.

Going through the audition process made the experience more possible, more realistic, and more jading.  I wonder how many incredible people don't get passed through.  Judging by what I've seen on the show, I wonder how many... what I would consider, not as incredible people get passed through.  How many times do people stand for hours in line, hoping that this audition is the lucky one that gets them through.  It's a chance of a lifetime, but how many other chances and risks do you have to take?  The woman I befriended in line and I discussed how if it had worked out for us, that we couldn't fathom getting around work and job searching.  Would we really give it all up for a chance to maybe possibly get through?  And maybe these thoughts are why I could never make the jump to performing for a living. haha

Anyway.  I thought that this might be an eventful update! :)  Hooray, spontaneity!  What's next?  Spontaneous trip to Russia?!  haha just kidding.  maybe.

In other news.  2.5 days until TPE.  2 suits and a new leather bag.  Still rocking the red, leather padfolio K-Sav leant/ gave (I hope... because... I never gave it back.. haha) to me for BGSU I-days.  ADORABLE thank you/ memo cards purchased.  So much still to do.
Love for y'all.  Wish me luck for this "audition process"! :)

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  1. like I ever noticed the portfolio was missing. Haha. All yours.