Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today is...

My 22nd birthday.

I've never really been too much of a "let's celebrate me!" kind of person...
but I think I'm going to try something that I've been meaning to do for awhile.  That 365 photos thing/ a photo a day for a year.  Most people start on the first of January.  Clearly, I forgot.  But I feel like a birthday is just as good.

I actually have about 5 for today.  Starting ambitiously? haha...

This is the first birthday that I literally felt like nothing special happened.  In fact, there was a fairly negative RE meeting... but then I went to LIR (or Leaders in Residence), a student leadership class I get to co-facilitate with another Grad Hall Director.  I love facilitating this class.  The students are pretty amazing/ are really discovering themselves.  This is easily the best part of my day, if not week.

So I took a picture.  Because it was originally going to be "the picture" for today.

But then we played this teambuilder that I hate to be a part of, but I freaking love conceptually/ watching.  It involves teams competing against each other to build the tallest free-standing newspaper tower.  One person is secretly assigned to sabotage every and any progress.  Then throughout the entire process the other team members lose certain abilities, like not being able to speak, or not having any arms, etc.  Man.  They were such good sports about it.  So then I had to take the pictures of their very much (adorably) failed towers.


Seriously.  So enjoyable.  But then... I also saw this poster on a wall in an academic building and it made me smile.  For anyone who hasn't seen/ heard of this musical.  It's bad.  really.  But in a hilarious way.
 Clearly, I have discovered a.) how to take and upload pictures with my iTouch and b.) how to insert pictures into blogs.

So hopefully, I will remember to take a picture every day.

And if it was really worth taking a picture of my Facebook notifcation... I'd take a picture of the fact that SO many really truly wonderful people wrote on my Facebook today.  It was seriously impressive, and while some were typical variations of "Happy Birthday", some of them were creative, funny, and heart-touching.  So thank you if you were one of these wonderful people to make me smile every couple of hours. :)

And lastly.  Thank you if you are just beyond fantastic.  You should know who you are, my ribbiting friend.  (Never getting over that pun/ sticker.)

So in the end.  Nothing earth-shattering.  But.  Still.  My heart is full and happy.
Thank you, friends. :)

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  1. ah!!!
    i did the 356 project last year and loved it!
    but also discovered my life is kind of boring.
    embrace the days where you get 5 pictures...they are good filler for later ;)